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Di Franks

Welcome to my statement and please enjoy browsing.

I am an artist working in both contemporary realistic  and abstract styles. I often use recognizable objects , also non-objective shapes, and gestural marks to tell my story. Creating is putting things, objects or elements together in new and different ways to make a new understanding or possibility. Art offers possibilities of how to see the world differently.   I like using a variety of mediums in non conventional ways. I love creating textures by layering elements so that the finished product has a history of rich layers. 

I love textures that represent the granular appearance of soil and rocks or rusty colours of corrugated iron and rusty metals and the rich red ochres of clay soils. 

I love bright summer light casting strong shadows on white out houses and the relief of shady spots  It's not surprising that I am drawn to intense contrast in value and colour seems to appear in most of my artwork. The motifs of seed pods, grasses, flower shapes, leaves and petals are often found in much of my work. I love still life that represents the everyday and ordinary objects that we are surrounded by. My natural environment  combined with the impressions from my everyday environment today are what I draw from as an artist.

Thank you for reading

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