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Birds in the Bush Acrylics Workshop with Jennie Forster

2 days at Grenfell Dramatic Society Hall, Rose St,

4-5 May 2024

9:30am -4:30pm setup 9:00am

Supported by the NSW Government’s Country Arts Support Program through Arts OutWest.

Jennie Forster.JPG

Jennie is an award winning artist and experienced tutor. In this workshop you will learn how to paint bolder and brighter, with an emphasis on clear vibrant colour combinations in your own style. Australian birds will be added to the landscape to bring a sense of narrative and personality into the work. 

A weekend workshop for up to 12 participants.

Sat4th/Sun5th May 9.30am - 4.30pm daily at Grenfell Dramatic Society Rose St Hall

Cost $65 for members of GAI; $130 for non members.

Acc Name: Grenfell Artists Inc. BSB:633 000 Acc No: 157 516 915

Please use your surname and course as reference. 50% non-refundable deposit required at booking time. Full amount due at least 2 weeks prior to the workshop.

Payment due 19th April 2024

Bring something to share for lunch.

Materials: 2 stretched canvases, minimum size 20”x20”,


Acrylic paint ((I use mainly Matisse Structure, but you can bring what you have)

Titanium white, warm and a cool yellow, warm and cool red,, warm and cool blue, turquoise (Cobalt teal), Dioxazine purple. Optional—Orange, Payne's Grey, Green Black (Atelier)

Brushes: Synthetic preferred. Assorted sizes. Hake or mop for washes, smaller brushes for details. Easel, water container, spray bottle, large flat palette knife, palette knife, palette, apron, rag, sketch book and conte or pastel pencils for drawing.

## Several Image references/photos of birds in the landscape with plenty of background.

Supported by the NSW Government’s Country Arts Support Program through Arts OutWest.

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